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Welcome to the Colour Lab where we

have the largest range of pigments and

colourants (+ special effect materials) in the world! If you love colour we have a interactive style factory / shop where

you can develop your own colours for

your exact needs or you can use our

Lucid Colour pigments to mix + swatch

your own unique handmade colours at

the work bench area in the Colour Lab.

We have intermediates and carriers for  

all pigments and qualifications to product

formulation and development for every

industry using pigments, colour & effects.

We can colour eco plastics and any resin  or make colour into... or stick to anything!



From childhood everyone loves colour

and my colour addiction has continued.

It all started when moving to Sydney

at 6 with my parents from Poland and

Sicily, both were mechanics and they

started an engine repair shop in 'The 

Sydney'. They made me a mechanic

too, but my interest in the discarded

car batteries at the garage came first. 

Pouring out the acid and removing the

lead plates from the batteries became

a childhood obsession, then to mixing

all metals with other acids. Chrome

badges, copper wire + coins from junk

cars were mixed into acids in old pickle

jars. Colour experiments making co-

ordinate metal complexes continued

and that year I turned the out dated

'outback dunny' at the garage into my

mini Colour Lab full of colourful jars.

These experiments went on and led to

making explosives from the same acid

and metals as a 'free radical' teenager.

After uni I worked at Australian Federal

Police (AFP) bomb squad, where my

history and technical knowledge was

innovative, but my love of art, ideas 

and colour was much more rewarding.

So I returned back to reacting colour

chemistry pigments again, based in

New York for the emerging artists that

were bringing me a jar full of pennies to

convert to copper blue pigments. I also

worked directly with many world renown artists making custom colour pigments.


Home sick, I returned back to Sydney

to continue making rare and unique

colours for artists + all other industries

requests. I continue complex reactions

to feed my 'dedication and dangerous

discovery' for new colours, which adds

to making the worlds largest range of

colours for my colour loving customers.

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Lucid PINK!


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Make your own colours...

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The Colour Lab door is always open

to all colour lovers, artists, makers, or

anyone that feels a bit bored or blue... 

Come in and mix up a batch of paint,

ink, eye shadow or anything of colour

you need. Then jar it up to take home to

use in your space, studio or workshop.

Make an appointment below to visit us at

the Colour Lab to make your very own

unique colour palette or come in just

for a cup of tea/coffee and a chat about

pigments, your project ideas or how we

can help you with technical colour Q&A.


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