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Welcome to the Colour Lab where we

have the largest range of pigments and

colourants (+ special effect materials) in the world! If you love colour we have a interactive style factory / shop where

you can develop your own colours for your exact needs or you can use our

Lucid Colour pigments to mix + swatch

your own unique handmade colours at

the work bench area in the Colour Lab.

We also have intermediates for paints and all the ingredients for all cosmetic

formulation and development. We can help you colour eco plastic or resins, to everything you need or want to colour!



LucidColour & ColourLab was created and is still owned by Luke Janyszko.

"It all started when moving to Sydney

at 7 with my parents from Poland and Sicily, both were mechanics and they

started an engine repair shop in 'The 

Sydney'. They wanted to make me a mechanic too but I discovered all the  discarded car batteries in the yard.

Pouring out the acid and removing the lead plates from the batteries became a childhood obsession of course and led to mixing other acids and metals (chrome badges off cars or coins etc.) mixed together in empty pickle jars...

Coloured metal ions and coloured metal complexes were discovered! 

When I was 8, I turned the rarely used outback dunny into my 'Colour Lab' full of colourful liquids and crystals."

Yes true, Colour Lab since the 1980's.

"This went on for years and then led to making explosives from the same acid and metals as a 'free radical' teenager.

I completed uni to work at the AFP

bomb squad, where many people last

expected me to be... they were right!

So then I went over to making colour in New York for all the emerging artists and for many world renown artists."


"Coming home to Sydney, I continued making rare and unique pigments for all artists and every industry request. I

continued to react acid + metal in my 'dedication and dangerous discovery' for new pigments and my commitment

to all the loyal colour customers for my life's work in Colour and Chemistry" 

Thanks again to all that love Lucid...

Due to the demand of manufacturing pigments and colourants for so many worldwide, I have decided to sell the

distribution rights of Lucid Colour and

Mafia Pigments so my team and I can just focus on pigment manufacturing.

If you are interested in purchasing the ColourLab Shop + Office with exclusive distribution rights and sales of Lucid 

Colour products. Please contact us...

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Lucid PINK!


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