Our pure pigments and colourants are made here on the colourful Gold Coast, Australia (est. 2000). We honestly believe in Australian

made and innovation/investment to produce a higher quality pigment and colour products compared to lower quality imported colour products. If you need higher quality colours for your life, work or

special projects and need colour products or pigments in an exact 

technical specification we can help and would love to work with you.


Our Colour products come in pure pigment, dry powder or purcrystals 

and also in liquid colour and pigment paste forms. We have colour

numbers and colour series number for our products such as #6250 and

base or carriers from [A] to [Z] (26 base types) like [E] for Epoxy [P] for

Polyester [U] Polyurethane, [W] for Waterbase and [Z] is for Universal solvent base. The full range of all the products we make and base carriers & additives are on the colour chart page.                                                                                                                              Colour product list

What Can Our Pigments & Colour be used in...

Currently we make colour for : adhesives, art products,

candles, chemicals, cement, ceramics, 

cosmetics, detergents, fibres, fibreglass, 

foil, fuels, glues, indicators, inks, lacquers, 

leak detection fluids, leather, lenses, 

metal coatings, monomers, nail polish, oils,

paints, paper, pens, polishes, polymers,

printing, plastics, pyrotechnics, 

all resins (like epoxy, urethanes) and rubber,

silicones, soaps, stains, waxes, wood & more...

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The world's clearest colourants! We make the most pure colour that is possible, then using our patent technologies we colour the liquid carrier and take out all the impurities. The carrier [base B] is made in our lab and is rated non flammable, has low odour and a very slow evaporation rate for the

users safety (low VOC's). Our [Base B] carrier is universal and can be used in polyesters, epoxies, polyurethanes, solvent acrylics and most solvent based paints. It is NOT dangerous goods rated so it can be sent via 

air mail (IATA approved). Liquid form makes mixing into your resin, base,

monomer, paint or chemicals very easy! Example photo to the left is using Lucid Colour liquid tinters, plus Mafia Pigments, and this amazing artwork was created by one of our art clients Martine @ Martine's Gallery in Sydney.



MAFIA PIGMENTS The Vintage Style Colour.... 

Mafia pigments are made using a hand made processes in our

high tech colour laboratory. This carefully hand made from scratch

process results in the highest quality colours available. The ingredients and formulas are all vintage style chemistry, resulting in a vintage style pigment, reds that are red, with no pink under-tones.  Yellows that are

fully opaque or highly transparent and bright. No dull chalky colours here!

Hundreds of high chroma purples, pinks, as well as earthy tones of brown, beige, sand, cream etc. These are available in universal, polyester, epoxy, solvent acrylic and urethane bases. All colour addition rates are under 5%. 


SURFBOARD Pigments, Tints & Colour Effects

Here at Lucid Colour we have the worlds largest range of

colours for the surf industry. We have pigments, tints, 

pigment tints, and colourants in polyester, polyurethane, 

solvent acrylic and epoxy.  Full transparent TINTS for fins

and high performance TINTS for surfboard art and designs.

Brights, candys, metallics, and even earthy organic colours

are available in 50 grams jars right up to 20 kilo drums.

We also specialize in additives for adjusting yellowing foam

or resins and have additives for your clear finish coats...  



We have a candy shop of 1000's of colours in solid opaque, semi-transparent

and high transparent tinters. Polyester and Gel coat catalysts can effect colour pigments and these resins are used for hard wearing applications, so the colours chosen for these resins must be at the highest standards. Our on the shelf stock colours sizes start at 50 grams, 100grams, 500grams, and 1 kg tins for small jobs. For larger jobs or production scale customers we have 1kg tins and 1kg increments up to 20kg drums per colour. Our bright colourful or earthy toned polyester pigments and gel coat pastes are the highest quality available with addition rates of 0.1% to 5%. (not 5 to 20% like other products)


EPOXY ART Pigments, Tints & Special Effects 

As Australia's only pigment manufacturer we know what works in epoxy!!

We work direct with clients and artists to formulate personal or an unlimited range of colours to choose from in 10gram, 25gram, 50g, 100g 500g & 1kg.

At Lucid Colour we are experts in colour, carriers, resins (resinart) & leaders 

at adjusting viscosity, the carrier surface tension which creates changes in fluid dynamics, to help colour reactions and inter-actions in your artworks. We can also adjust colour densities, and polarity, to create overlay depths and effects like "lacing" and more. We have a range of food contact safe 

colour, special effects, metallics, metal powders, liquid colours, transparent 

and high transparent candys and super bright colours to get the most colour

contrast on black or white backgrounds & art boards.


EPOXY Pigments, EPOXY Metallics,  EPOXY Tints & EPOXY Effects.

3000+ Metallic Epoxy Pigment Colours are in our shop right now... We can

also develop new colours for you or your brand or project with you. We are

always exploring and leading by finding new ways to make colour sparkle,

shimmer or shine using new and uniquely developed materials exclusive to

our laboratory and product research team. This insures that you get the latest colours before season demand and trends start, which makes our Metallic

and Epoxy pigments products and your colour choices the industry leaders. 

With the largest range of epoxy paste colours in the world to choose from.


PURE COSMETIC Colourants by Lucid Colour & Colour Lab

We have the largest range of pure cosmetic colours available for

large scale manufacturers, to the smaller indie cosmetic creators.

LUCID COLOUR Pigments, Lakes, Colourants, and Dyes for cosmetic

applications all have full product disclosure and full information

sheets. Our cosmetic colourants come in dry powder, solid cakes,

pastes, and in water, oil or wax bases. We can also supply medical & cosmetic grade solvents, waxes, fillers, surfactants, enollments,

plus cosmetic additives and intermediates.


NAIL POLISH Tinters & Colourants

We are currently supplying International brands like OPI and also manufacturing pure colour for Australian leading indie 

polish companies such as Lilypad Lacquer and many more!

With over 2000 colours in that are all intermixable there is an

unlimited amount of colours tones that can be created by you.

We have two main base carriers for our polish tinters, ESO or

NC (7free). Our tinters are cruelty free, vegan and "eco" rated.

We can also formulate tinters and colour concetrates directly

into your main base carrier. (250 gram minimum per colour)



Every pigment is different in chemistry to another and this is why some

pigments work better in paints than others. Some pigments only work in

solvent based paints and others for water based paints. We have paint 

tints that cover all types of paints, including candy paints and colours as

well as colour tints and additives for metallic paint finishes and other

paint tints or paint special effects. We can mix our tints into your paint

to save you the guess work! We have now reduced our minimum order from 1kg tins now down to just 50 gram jars as we have more small scale and indie artists using these universal tinters for water or solvent bases.


PURE PIGMENTS Handmade for Artists

There is a long tradition in the art discipline of only using earth pigments or formulated pigments that exactly match earth 

pigments in color, hue & chemical equation. The traditional

pigments used by artists are limited to about 100 different

colours like Prussian blue and cadmium yellow, red oxide

or Raw Sienna etc...  Our pure art chemistry pigments match

earth pigments exactly in chemical equation, colour, weight

and mixability. Best of all our artist pigments have less impact 

on the earth, are easier to wet out and are much more cost 

effective than earth pigments. Picture right is one of our stockists

in japan specializing in pigments for ink and some for painting.


PANTONE Colour Pigment Pastes

We make pantone pigments in epoxy, polyester, acrylic and

20 other base carriers. Here at Lucid Colour & Mafia Pigments we use the internationally reconized Pantone

colour system. Pantone books, chips and swatches are

available at as we only manufacture colourants, pigments and tints. We can also colour match to RAL, Munsel, Cie Lab, Cie XYZ and other colour geometry

or colour space values and colormetry systems. 


SPECIAL EFFECTS & Other Colour Additives

Here at Lucid Colour we offer a large amount of special effects including chameleons, iridescence, daylight fluoro's, and brights, glow in dark, UV lighted fluoro's, metallics, pearlescence, interference colourants, temperature changing colours, 

temperature activated colourants, UV and sunlight activated

pigments, chromes, metallized p.e.t pigments, real metal pigments, white/brighting agents, optical shifting colourants,

Synthetic micas, glass pigments, glass flakes, plastic flakes, candy over chrome, laser activated colours just to name a few.


INKS and Alcohol Inks 

Inks can get technical, and making really good inks is not easy!

Not all pigments and colourants will work as an ink. Settling and

colour seperation becomes the next problem, followed closely by

getting the perfect viscosity and drying times! It really is an exact

science, our laboratory can work directly with you to manufacture

the perfect inks with the selected attributes and performance you

require. We stock a range of Alcohol & Solvent inks.



Acrylic resin (thermosetting & Cast Acrylics) and Poly/Acrylic blends can be very hard to colour. We have had 20 years experience working

with these more complex resins and also making colour for these 

resins. We currently work with Australia's leading Art, Jewellery, Homeware, and Furniture manufacturers that cast and pour in this medium, as well as commercial and industrial applications with these resins. At Lucid Colour we have stock colour range or we can develop new colours and provide testing for catalyst reactions and temperature changes or exothermic factors when using our

colour additives in these free radical reactions and redox systems.     


POLYURETHANE or EPOXY Flooring Colour Concentrates

1000's of colourants, tinters, fillers, additives and special effects for resin 

in polyurethanes or epoxy flooring finishes. gloss & semi-gloss and matt finishes as well as pearls, metallics, sparkles, micas, metal & pet flakes 

and chips. Solid colours for excellent coverage, or highly transparent colours for colour over crete, colour in clear coats or second coat colours to create depth on to of base colours...We custom make any colour or colour effect in any base product that you use. We also provide colour match to sample swatches or other materials to get that exact colour that you need. 1kg min.



We have Australia's largest range of Pure Pigments, Dry Powder Pigments,

Pure Colourant Crystals, Pure Colourant Dry Powders.

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