MANUFACTURING PIGMENTS This is at our main factory as it is a dangerous 

process which take place in "explosion proof" chemical reactors which need

cooling, chemical balancing, stabilizing, etc, to contain these complex reactions. 

These reactions involve acids, oxidisers, gases, heat, etc. Not exactly a safe 

place to sell colours, talk about colour, or work on custom colours with our 

clients and customers. We have set up a small Mini Colour Lab where we can

talk and work on colours in a small, safe location with our clients. We know

that colour is always a personal choice and seeing a colour with your own

unique eye is important to make decisions live and in person for your product(s)

or project. If you would like to pick out your own personal palette or develop a

colour range or perfect a colour for your product, come and visit us at the Mini

Colour Lab. Call us for a one on one personal colour development appointment.

  Need a chemical or technical colour consultation?

  Consultations via appointment at our office or Mini Lab for the following:

- Spectroscopy, Chromatography, Colour analysis, Colour testing, Lab analysis. 

- Start up a 'colour mixing system' + colour start formula's for your products.

- Colour science lectures, Practical colour classes, Master classes in colour.

- Technical advice, Laboratory testing + Colour development for your products.

- Colour matching service, Colour value reading and Colour data evaluation.

- Colour formulations and new colour development for the cosmetic industry.

- New pigment technologies, Pseudo pigments and Eco pigment manufacture.

- Consultation regarding becoming a product stockist or official reseller.

- General Q & A by qualified Industrial chemist (Chem eng) & Colour Experts.


                              - ANALYSIS, CHEMICAL COMPOSITION & TOXICITY.

                                    - COLOUR DATA, COLOUR VALUES and GEOMETRY

                              - COLOUR MATCHING & COLOUR FORMULA'S

                              - COLOUR CONSISTENCY ANALYSIS & SYSTEMS

We have a new reference SCALE of COLOUR TRANSPARENCY

The worlds colour scale for opacity and transparency is just 1 to 4. Here at

Lucid Colour we think this is too narrow and very out of date, so our new

reference scale is much more accurate and starts at 1. (opaque) up to 10.

1. &  2.  Low (solid-opaque) excellent cover at fraction of a mm. 

3. -  4.  Light (solid) solid, if used in heavy coats or castings.    

5. -  6.  Medium (semi transparent) like "cloudy apple juice mix”

7. -  8.  High (transparent / see through) just like “stained glass”

9. &  10. Very high (fully transparent) like “A flawless gem stone”

Lucid Colour liquids, gels and pastes are all 9 or 10. (full transparent)

Mafia Pigments can start at 1 (opaque) and go up to 8. (high transparent)

THE MINI COLOUR LAB... We have the largest range of colour in the world,

currently at our mini lab we have over 74,000 colours and over another

50,000 colour formulas. At the "Mini Lab" we can perform small scale

colour reactions and production on a lab bench to produce you a small

quantity of colour to see if this suits your application or product line.

We also have state of the art analysis equipment to assess these small

volume colour batches to make sure that the colour meets all compliance +

colour industry standards before going into large scale/volume production.

We can also correct and perfect the colour of your prototype products

and supply colour, additives and or colour correction data to your product

manufacturer before production failures and colour standard failures.