COLOUR SETS from the Original colour set maker! 

from 2001 to 2020 

*** These COLOUR SETS will be available from the 25th of April

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"ORIGINALS" The ORIGINAL COLOUR SET from the original colour set maker...

LUCID COLOUR ...  24 of the first made colours in 2001 and still made today

in 2020 with all the same pigments, additives and processes. Original and Best!

"PASTELS" made by LUCID in 2002. Yes and still popular in production in 2020!

Inspired by the French colour palettes of the past but still and forever more in fashion. 24 SUPER OPAQUE PUNCHY PASTELS that add depth and cover to your current colour ranges and palettes. More then three rainbows in this set...

Developed by Lucid Colour back in 2005 when I passion for yesterday was in...

"RETRO" COLOUR SET is all about those print colours and shades that were all

the go and go to back in the 1960's and 1970's. This set showcases the most 

popular universal pigments & colours used in print world and right through to the

new plastics industries, that even made those funky coloured rolla skate wheels!

(2007 - 2020) "KEYBOARD" is the term now used in colour industry for palette, gamut or colour space,

first used and invented by Lucid Colour. Now adopted by other paint & colour manufacturers worldwide! 

Mixing colour from simple formulas and equations is easier and recordable. Using 26 base colours (instead of Pantone System base 14 colours) and using the simple formulas 99% of colours can be achieved by using just 2 or 3 and a maximum of 4 base colours.  This colour set is for the true accurate colour palette developer as it has the keys you need to make millions of colours!


MAFIA PIGMENTS since 2001 and this set is the current range of colours that

gives you both attributes you want from colours/pigments and their properties. Containing a half set of Old school vintage pigments that are highly opaque

without white bases and the rest are the original high transparency colours

made from old chemistry formulas that are not available in the market anymore. 

Mafia Pigment motto of "Colour to die for..."  Don't miss out on these rare colours...

LIMITED EDITION SET #3 (2019) Warm and Cool tone merge in this colour set! Starting from a solid opaque orange to create brightness plus 5 reds, 5 pinks,

5 purples and 5 base blues. The set is completed by one mid range yellow that can act for brightness or bring slight green tones to your blues. One brown to make the colour set dirty if needed and a one shot of black and white. The artwork cover for the colour set shows the potential of this arrangement of colour pigments.



LIMITED EDITION SET #1 (2015) Still in production for a reason... Teal & Pink the most popular colours of 2014 & 2015 and still very popular today.

"RESIN ARTIST" (2005-2007) Can be special ordered and remade to the exact original set. 


"RESIN ARTIST #2" (2009-2011) Back in production from 2013 to now due to the social media boom of resin art. Contains a staple diet that the resin artist needs include a rainbow of high bright transparent colours also a pastel rainbow, black & white to control or highlight and finished off with silver, copper, bronze and golds. 

"SUNSETS" COLOUR SET (2012) A wide variety of pigments that are the keys to getting the realistic sunset look. Yes some Fluorescent colours and brights as well as some solid muted tones. Available in 12 or 24 colour set for the more artistic

professional. The rare colours are a must for painting perfect sunrises or sunsets.


"OCEANTONES" (2008-2020) This set is the more modern version of SEASIDE colour set. It contains a more complex range of deeper ocean colours (eg #6390, #6410 & #7420) also a very transparent black plus some very fine pearl sand tones to perfect your ocean paintings in pigments or paint tinters.Also available in a few resin paste types (epoxy/poly) for the resin artist producing ocean resin art. 

"SEASIDE" First made in 2004 and still made today with all the same pigments, additives and processes including resin artists secret weapon colour #5333 to get realistic seaside & ocean colours and also contains multiple white densities ;-)

With the new wave of resin artists in 2013 to 2020 we have kept making this set and has been the equal best seller to the resin art world in the last 7 years. 

The "PANTONE" set. (2010) The exact 14 Pigments used by Pantone in the original PMS colour system plus 10 new extra colours used in the more modern formula guides at Pantone. Every Pantone colour from 100 to 79xx can be made with this

colour set if you have a passion for weighing colour and mixing with a palette knife.

"CUSTOM COLOUR SET" Choose your own colours and make a custom set!

24 colours ready to use out of the box or play and mix them to develop your own colours. For a limited time this set comes with a 100gram Black & 100gram white.  

Available in 12 bases (ESO, EVA, EPOXY, POLYESTER, POLYURETHANE....)